Your words inspire me

My friends, my fellow writers here upon WordPress. Lend me your time as you read my feeble words inscribed upon this digital wall of letters and light.

I want you to know how much I appreciate reading your soul. You allow me precious moments of delight as I experience snippets of your life that you publicise here upon the digital domain.

Alas, I have been… lacking in my own contributions to the collective pool of words. I have been devoid of the energy and motivation that fuelled my hypomanic ramblings of late last year and this year so far.

I don’t know who I want to be, although I am rediscovering what I want to achieve and that is localised to my life away from this realm. I know I want to be a good wife and mother, but for the most part I am not in a position that allows me the luxury to be that for you here.

My current focus is on repairing my body, my physical health is waning. I have a psychologist appointment booked for this Friday and I have another hospital appointment booked for the following Friday. High five to me for trying to regain control of what is supposed to be “me.”

I may have been mostly absent here, but I have not abandoned you. I have been corresponding via email with some people. Two of which are fellow members of my Pointless Overthinking family. So of course I want to shout out to my dearest friends Bogdan (DM) and Kaby (BM). Who am I? Why, there I am KM.

I also want to acknowledge my prophet, Echo, and my soul tempest twin, Storm.

A little pretend family portrait I found on Pinterest and shared with Echo and Storm in our Google hangouts chat a week or two back.

Thank you to my dears who checked in on me as they noticed my absence from here. It truly makes me feel special. As if may be my words on here have not been for naught. Know that your friendship means a great dear to me.

I read a great story this afternoon by Cris Mihai. His story is what inspired me to write this post, so that way I could inform all of you, my dear readers, that I am not dead.

I may not be writing, nor am I even writing that much these days (weeks). I am still here (somewhat).

I want to say “wait for me” but I do not know for how long you should be waiting. I do not know how soon my writing mojo will return.

Many thoughts swirl through my mind and I feel I am lost in time.

Everything is connected and I feel connected to many of you here. Mantis, Ash, Ron, Jay, Rachel, Ursula, Robbie, Jack, Frank, Kent, Nicola, Maranda, Arnie, Harley, Michael, Aphrodite, Christine.

Once again, thank you for sharing your worlds with me. I do desire to awaken fully in all realms of this here reality that I envision and I am still here, listening.

9 thoughts on “Your words inspire me

  1. anupturnedsoul says:

    When you need to take time out for yourself, and focus on caring for yourself, that’s exactly where your attention needs to be. Caring for others requires caring for yourself first. Take care of yourself, Kim, best wishes to you ❤

    I'll wait for you 🙂

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    • Kalliope says:

      Thanks Ursula! I still have that questionnaire thingy on my to do list!! I am the absolute worst when it comes to follow through. I need an adult to help me adult. LOL
      You are a treasure. I’m so blessed to have you as a friend here. Xoxo

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  2. Ron says:

    Aa a metron survivor to another, cha chi ron started out as a serph then stood up look around one day and noticed he was a seraphim. Your growing as a cherub and metamorphosing into a cherubim when you stand up your name will change to Mara which means in the ancient Semitic languages a Lady, visions of beauty.

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      • Ron says:

        Your words are beyond measure. The measure of a man’s life when he nearing the end. When he hears the words of a young person tells me I am like a dad to her. All that I have done wrong in my life is redeemed in your words everything fades away in time and space. I am proud to be an adopted dad. xoxo. I adopted you a long time ago, I just did not tell.


  3. Sulaiman Hafeez says:

    It’s okay, Kels. We all have those phases where words just don’t spill out from the nibs of our pens over paper.
    Take as long as you need to be fully back. And I know this pretty much goes unsaid, but we’d be waiting for your return earnestly.
    Your first priority should always be your health. I’m glad you’re taking steps to ensure it’s back on track.
    Sending best wishes your way.
    You’re a strong woman.
    Don’t worry about anything else and be back soon ❤.

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