Stand by me, or behind me.

Massive Attack – Protection (click for lyrics)

I love this song. It demonstrates a different kind of love.

I don’t care if I’m a girl or a boy, a man, woman or alien. Hell, I’m an androgynous cyborg pathogen from outer space downloaded into this pretty and petite female human life form.

Either way my message is the same. I stand before you: you can take me or leave me. But I am still here.

I offer to take the force of any attack you may face. Whether that be from society, their judgements, or from your family/friends, or even from yourself. Don’t attack yourself, don’t hate yourself. I will take that for you.

I hate myself so much, enough for the world. I know what that feels like, to not feel like you deserve any morsel of sweetness or goodness. But… I know that as much as I attack myself, there are people who love me.

And if I am worth loving, then so are you.

I wrap my arms around you. Like a mother protects her young. Like friends. Like lovers. Like however you feel accepting and worthy of receiving love.

You are worth loving. I will fight to prove it. I fought Jacob all night (that one night, not last night), and I’ll fight you too. Sometimes it takes tough love, sometimes it takes a mother’s touch.

This is my ladder. I will attempt to illuminate yours.

17 thoughts on “Stand by me, or behind me.

        • Kalliope says:

          Cherubims are the 4 faced angels, right? I don’t know much, I haven’t read that much about angels and stuff. I have to say if I don’t keep up with reading and revision, I tend to forget.
          But I like to read about the different angels and stuff. But I do know that different religions and cultures have different classifications and understandings of them.

          Oh by the way! I just ate some chicharon!!! Haha, my mum bought me some and I took a picture of the packet because I thought about us talking about food and pig and stuff. CHI-cha-RON!

          I have 2 kids. And I am a stickler for name meanings, so their names mean gem of the night (the girl, the eldest), and protector of the light (the boy, the youngest). They’re 10 and 7 respectively.


        • Ron says:

          I am not a religion I put myself in the eyes of the ancient Semitic people and how they saw the world around them. Men teach religions and create them. I interpret what they saw in nature in the floodplains of Mesopotamia. The Cherubim is you and will be your daughter when she grows up. I am working on verse 2 chapter 10. Interesting your daughter is 10 . I like the name Chi-cha- Ron leave out the cha and I sound like a chicom 🙂 :).

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        • Kalliope says:

          Chiron is the wounded healer in astrology, and is the centaur who was the wise teacher of Greek myth.
          The cherubim also protect and defend the garden of Eden. Their 4 faces make them perfect guardians as they can see in all directions at once.


        • Ron says:

          1….and I am seeing and behold to the atmosphere which over the head of the cherubim……..atmosphere between heaven and earth Gen. 1: 1,  the head of the cherubim (Women) they guard the entrance to the Tree of Life they guard Creation with the spirit of God  in them… stone of sapphire(s) as appearance of likeness of throne he appear(s) over them………………..Your eyes are like a circular stone,sapphires,  the iris is dark like the earth and controls the amount of light that enters and around that are different colors they exist in blue, pink, green, yellow, orange,purple,[ colourless ]and black.   His spirit[ colorless your spirit and his]  appears over them.  God separated the light and darkness across your face his spirit came.

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