Stand by me, or behind me.

Massive Attack – Protection (click for lyrics)

I love this song. It demonstrates a different kind of love.

I don’t care if I’m a girl or a boy, a man, woman or alien. Hell, I’m an androgynous cyborg pathogen from outer space downloaded into this pretty and petite female human life form.

Either way my message is the same. I stand before you: you can take me or leave me. But I am still here.

I offer to take the force of any attack you may face. Whether that be from society, their judgements, or from your family/friends, or even from yourself. Don’t attack yourself, don’t hate yourself. I will take that for you.

I hate myself so much, enough for the world. I know what that feels like, to not feel like you deserve any morsel of sweetness or goodness. But… I know that as much as I attack myself, there are people who love me.

And if I am worth loving, then so are you.

I wrap my arms around you. Like a mother protects her young. Like friends. Like lovers. Like however you feel accepting and worthy of receiving love.

You are worth loving. I will fight to prove it. I fought Jacob all night (that one night, not last night), and I’ll fight you too. Sometimes it takes tough love, sometimes it takes a mother’s touch.

This is my ladder. I will attempt to illuminate yours.

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  1. It safer to stand between you two. Both of you can,t fight me at the same time 🙂 🙂

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  2. Cool song, properly weird video.
    I’ll stand behind you anytime 💕😈👹

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