If the shoe fits

I got a new pair of shoes yesterday. I’m so keen as beans to wear them out.

Going to stroll around the mountains today. The mountains and the seas meet at my feet.

The Calla Lily has a matching mountain upon her ankle. For she is strong as a mountain, I am turbulent as the sea. No one can take that away from her nor me.

It’s funny because she is the empath and I am the sociopath.

I am so sociopathic I may have destroyed the last vestige of any friend-ships in that there fleet. The doctor, the journalist, the space marine, the teacher and the botanist.

They never needed the psycho/psychic and in my depressed rage, I – the soul avatar of the sun – went super nova and burned all away from my black hole realm (ruled by the all powerful Vortexia).

In other news, I’m trying to get a handle on my world eating appetite. But I know if Charles Darwin was still around I’d totally want to follow in his footsteps. And Noah’s… sample one of every species. What a delicacy.

Get on my ark, all the pretty little creatures.

Maybe that’s why there are no more flying pigs. Their wings were so delicious they are now extinct.

2 thoughts on “If the shoe fits

    • Kalliope says:

      Haha I’m feeling pretty good and playful currently. Been a good few days of not worrying about writing. Just trying to “live”
      And yes, I took that pic for the blog post so that is what my feet look like right now! (Or rather 40 minutes ago lol)

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