Eidolone Summoning (FM04)

Kestrel relievings

My tired family day, genealogy branch I trace

the small predatory bird of quietest praise.

Shadowy trill, the nosedive thrill.

Highest perception of unpronounced skill.

Final fantasy destiny to crash and burn

upon the pinnacle of man’s temple mountain.

The trees of life and knowledge are watered by the fountain.

Bloody and bleeding, crocodile tears are annealing.

Behold the champion gnome rides home!

Vesta the standard flagship bearer,

Pallas anthems the land as song,

Cerestial mother is the grain reaper.

Jubilant Juno rebuilt father’s home

A terminal teacher conjoins all the realms.

Nonce more with or out kneeling,

Ever more with annealing feeling.



FM – Friday Morning. The fourth of 4 parts

Composed 8th March 2019. Turns out it was/is women’s day. Pretty cool timing.

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