Stream of consciousness

A livejournal entry from 6th March 2002. I had completed the writing exercise by hand on pen and paper, and transcribed it on to my Live Journal. I don’t remember why I didn’t just do it on the computer, but that doesn’t really matter. LOL.

blank your mind out, take paper and a pen… and write. don’t think, just write… this is what came out from me today…

writing aimlessly not thinking what am i writing about? who am i? who are you? i am belzebub your god. what are you doing here? i’m inside you living your life you helpless piece of shit what do you want with me? just your soul… over and over. burn child burn child burn child feel it seep your skin into darkness. what are you? what am i? yes, what are you? i am a fimilzellnee what is that? what do you want it to be? depression wasting away rotting away your brain inside you. inside me? yes, inside you. under the name os michealaneous. over and over again and again. burnt at the steak. steak is meat. kill the cows. kill everything. kill the humans. pesky little kustrles. kustrels? what? none of your business. does it matter? you are inside me. does it matter? do i care? bleed. cough. cry. choke. suffocate. burn. scar. wound. peel. die. bleed. stan kole the…. (i can’t read what was written there)… and again over and over again my pain i hide from you. what am i doing? opening myself? i can’t think. i can’t breathe. help me. i’m tired. losing myself. losing consciousnes. losing who i am? indeed i don’t know what i’m doing tra la la la la la . . . . and again and again. what is wrong you imbicile?!!!!!!!!! joseph cook was a tasty treat. ate his soul and i heard him scream__________________________________

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