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I wanna run away and never say goodbye.  

A live journal entry from 7th April, 2002.

not feeling too well.
not in the sickly way. but in the “gah. i hate everything at the moment” way.
i don’t know why either.
probably because i feel really empty at the moment.

hurt? lonely? neglected? unloved?

who knows. not i.
i feel like cutting myself off from the world.
i feel like deleting this stupid journal.
i feel like destroying my mobile and sim card.
i feel like running away and hiding within the circles.

the circles? i don’t want to stay anywhere near those circles…
all these emotions are making me think stupidly.

i may perhaps do those first three things, but i won’t run to the circles. i’ll run and hide away from the world.
become an astronaut and live on the moon, away from human kind?

gag. nothing really seems worth it anymore.

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