Enneagram 8

The enneagram is another personality assessments where you answer questions and it slots you into a one out of 9 types.

Yes, I know there are more than 9 results or analytic types (taking into consideration the ‘wings’ and etc whatever?). But it generally has the 9 types and the wings are modifiers of that particular personal energy.

I’ve always found these tests to be quite fun. I’m sure I’ve written on here before about some random things these tests have taught me about myself. All equally valid points of opinions and positions of perceiving the self…


The heart of a 15 year old girl.

I took a test earlier this year as I came across a  writing stuff about enneagrams.

I came across this blog and it was because of their commentary about the enneagram that made me decide to actually look into the system. Not to test their theory or whatever, I’m not interested in critiquing their well-thought out system. I just wanted to see where I fit into their schema, and if I felt it resonated with me.


(Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car? Tell me more, tell me more all about myself! shoop-bap-bap, schoop-bap-bap, schoop I want to matter) The dancing and singing continues across and then exit stage, to reveal image in the background (now foreground)

So the enneagram 8 type person is staunch seneschal, a protective challenger. A bully ball-buster… so… a bully who WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND by being a bully to others!? Yay! I am not conflicted at all!

I’m actually really excited. Let’s hurt people! This is a fantastic outlet for all my inner hatred and rage.

Ready kids? IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!


Uhh… I already said it, Tom-boy…

I’m going to need some time to process this. Because I know I’m a cyborg – I’ve already integrated 3 cyborg pop culture identities into my being

  • Alita, the manga now movie star;
  • Cinder, bad ass mechanic from the Lunar Chronicles;
  • Cyborg, of Teen Titans fame, yes he is black and male. I can be a black man if I want to be. I mean… ugh… No, I won’t say it, but lets laugh because it is funny.

I guess when their powers combine, I become Cybertronian. Dun-dun-da-da-dun-da!


Challengers in disguise. Posing for the cover of our next indie album coming out 2019.

5 thoughts on “Enneagram 8

  1. anupturnedsoul says:

    Hello, 8, I’m 5, nice to meet you while keeping my distance so that I can observe you 😉

    Have you ventured into the Ouspensky/Gurdjieff rabbit hole yet. I think you might quite like G, since he was way out there and very charismatic like you. They sort of gave birth to the enneagram system, but their version is very different from the modern one.

    Cool post!

    Oh, I just remembered, you popped up in a dream I had the other night. Or at least a comment from you popped up in the dream – I sometimes dream about blogging, write entire posts, get comments, reply to them, etc. You said goodbye to me in the comment and I got annoyed with you for saying goodbye and yet I was also happy that you took the time to do that, but I didn’t want you to go. Weird huh.


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