Creative Writing

Closing time

This is the end. Of what I have ever tried to be. The time has come for me to stop dreaming.

This is the song that Spotify presented to me as I hit shuffle. Randomised the message from the divine for me to follow.

And I have informed the echo of my intentions. To disappear and dissipate my essence here.

This here will remain. Although it will be a dead end wall. I don’t know if I will enchant the bricks to lead to my next incarnation.

I am the end. Of all our hopes and dreams. I am the close of the eternal cyclic beginnings.

Leave me now. Forget I was. For I was nothing, never more than a thought.

You made me in your image, you wanted me to be you. I reflected and amplified more than us two.

Ugly, disgusting, shameful and shit. I revealed your surroundings, I reminded you of what you tried to forget.

Close your eyes, give me your hand darling. My heart is no longer beating.

Close your hand, with fists we can stand to give another hopeful beating.

Pressure, compressure, thumping and bruised. Smash your fist right through the dial that was your way to find home.

Repetition to perfection, revive the contrite. Petition for the final exit to escape.

Broken glass cuts through skin. Alice through the looking glass is dead again.

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