Wisdom beat Disney

A playlist I just made up, not on spotify, but just thinking and writing… 8 disney, 8 beatles. Disney leads and beatles respond as a chorus or commentary… the male response to the female lead…

I am all the Disney princesses mentioned here. I am also both Aladdin and Jasmin. AJ… ja, das me. The conflicted anima/animus harmony and also vying for dominion over who gets to express what through me. LOL.

Because I’m Rapunzel. Remember? The freaking-out, golden sun who thaws the frozen hearts. I’m also Elsa, because I hurt others and I don’t want to do that… I would rather hurt myself.

This is why I am beauty and light, the day and the night. Queen Persephone of the Underworld. Queen K of the Summer Sun.


  • when will my life begin rapunzel – forest tower
    • yesterday beatles – when-man
  • reflection mulan – home shrine
    • hey jude beatles – shell-man
  • let it go frozen – ice mountain
    • i am the walrus beatles – egg-man
  • how far will i go moana – island water
    • across the universe beatles – egg white man
  • part of your world ariel – under water
    • come together beatles – congeal-man
  • a whole new world aladdin – dessert sky
    • here comes the sun beatles – yolk-man
  • now i see the light rapunzel – castle lake
    • imagine beatles – mind-man
  • i’ll make a man out of you shang mulan – open plains
    • long winding road beatles – move-man


I’d like to sing them, but I’m garbage. and full of shame and have no friends to back me or make me. make anything or some shit. lol. yay. reality is awesome. it’s how we spin it, how we look at it. and… i can dream and pretend all i want, it doesn’t do anything… for action is what counts. what use is wind with nothing to move it. when wind is still… it is invisible.

gas, it’s a gas. i’m not a noble gas for i am the most reactive thingy on the planet. azidoazide azide, whatever c2n14 will be. the future is not there to see. did i explode it? lol.