The Ides of Mars.

Beware the turning point for the equinox is the deadline to settle your debts.

The ants are Martius, hoo-rah!


Mon 4thRise up and march forth, shimmy for Shiva Monday all night long.
Tue 5thPancake Tuesday; Mercury retrograde.
Wed 6thAsh Wednesday; new moon Pisces; Uranus in Taurus.
Thu 7thMercury retrograde
Fri 8thWoo for women’s day on Friday
Fri 15thThe Ides of March, settle your debts by turning the tables; Mercury retrograde conjunct sun!
Wed 20thSun enters Aries.
Thu 21stFull Moon Libra
Fri 22ndSun conjunct Chiron
Sun 24thMercury conjunct Neptune
Tue 26thVenus in Pisces
Thu 28thMercury goes direct
Sun 31stMars in Gemini

2019 backlog

  • February 7th – Approximation of dates related to the apocalypse (Karma-geddon). Change over times between the different stages.
  • February 2nd – Spirit Keeper’s Tarot divination for 2019.
  • January 26th – Other important dates, because I made them into social media graphics.




Man. I wrote this at the start of March. But… I dunno. Fuck it. Posting it. The Ides of March are coming. Lock up your daughters and your sons. Before they start praying /

Why do I leave the most important shit to the end?!

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