Psychic Fraudsters: so scene, tre chic

Nicolathe the honk of nico-la-tonk. Chickens are free to breed if you need.

Nicola my friend (whose name I’m playing with for funsies right now) shared a linky-link, and I too will share a linky-link. However, my share links to Nicola’s page where she links to Jessi’s page.

via Jessi Huntenburg: How to Detetc Psychic Fraudes and Spiritual Charlatans (Shared from WordPress)

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(aside: That thing happened again. I threw my phone down on the ground as I was pissed off and went to get a drink. Came back from the kitchen, picked it up, and this was on the screen. Nice.)

Psychic Investigator: Charlatan Kim!

My Ego-centric Universal Perceptions

tumblr_inline_olcn3b9HS01s4p0x9_400I know I’m not psychic, but I wish I was. I like to study words and letters, research the evolution of language and it’s communication. I find people to be fascinating creatures, I think it is so interesting that they (and I) are so similar and simultaneously so vastly different.

I go out of my way to call myself this title of “psychic” because I know I am not, it is what I wish I was. But I also say that, I acknowledge what I am and am not. I describe and disclaim all my sentiments and stuff.

I’m more “psyche!.. oh?” than psychic.

For my psyche is crazy (sweet, cute and zealous), and all sorts of sad (anxious and desperately needy). So, I go my own way and blaze a trail where I’ve been. It burns a path through the brush and which is behind me. People follow out of curiosity, they peer down my way. Usually just a sticky beak, rarely do they stay, but they usually leave with something to say.

Karma Star Radio in my mind

I’m not psychic, I am a human woman. Any power beyond that is due to apotheosis. I am all that I am because of who and what I am. This includes my deeds, my intentions, my thoughts and inactions. This includes words, songs, images, dance, numeracy, literacy, mechanical thinking. I am who I am because of both me and you, I know the self and social contracts, the loopholes in their mechanics.

I am the sapient percipient; a salient, perspicacious celestial being.

I read, listen, watch and hear. And often a song or image in my minds eye does appear. I am reminded of so many things, for everything I see is connected – with me in the middle of it all, for I am the centre of my all.

Give me money, I’ll give you life

I am barely scraping by financially. Life is a mess and I’m not at the risk of going homeless – just on the threshold of losing other peoples respect.

I offer tarot readings, tutoring services, mentoring/counselling (me just basically talking to you about and through stuff), writing editorial opinion pieces on random topics (mostly religion, mysticism, education and spirituality) and am hoping to actually create something… of lasting effect. Like a book, an anthology of my teachings and recollections.

  • Here is my “psychic for pay” page, where you can browse what I’ve got on offer and click a paypal button to purchase for a reading from me.
  • I also put together an anthology of 20 of my poems.
    • I made one free version, and one paid version.
      • The free version is just the poems. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY!
      • The paid version includes my thoughts and feelings regarding each poem.
    • PayPal me $5.00 (Ausssie dollary-doos) – Get a single card oracle reading with your paid poetry platter.
    • PayPal me $10.00 (AUD) – Get a 3 card tarot reading with my poetry pdf. Include your question (if you have one) in the notes section of your paypal transfer.

I can’t give you the secrets of the universe, but I can give you mine. If you want your own set of keys to the heavens and the universe, we’re going to need a lot more time. And… I’d need something to make it worth my time.

I can’t make any promises, I’m just a paper-bag princess bitch who is breathing and writing words. Never is my only promise. Why would I need to lie?