Brought to you by the letter K

  1. Names are massively important to me. I wear names like armour so others can’t hurt me with their words.
  2. That is why I had to start the antichrist campaign, better I start it than someone else.
  3. I revealed a hugely personal and longstanding alias of mine: Alita. I also just listed a bunch of other names I’ve gone by.
  4. I’ve revealed my birth date. Over and over again because I keep talking about it approaching.
  5. Pledged a while ago that I would reveal my face after November 18.

Here is another personal… potentially harmful (or maybe not?) personal revelation…

OH BTW, the feature image is a portrait a mate drew of me in 2010 or something. He goes by the handle johnpocalypse. Use your google if you want to look him up.

My real name is Kim. Sort of. It’s not my birth name, it’s not my professional name, but it’s what I go by everyday. It’s my known name in public. Not ready to give up my surname yet. But fucking hey, it really works with the whole “I am the way, the truth and the light” thing. Trust me. It bizarrely works.

Now for the fun part. I’m going to continue to put forth my anti-kristo certifications by showing you the skill and ease to which I make massive leaps of “faith” (It’s not faith if you’ve backwards, backdoor, pseudo biohacked the fucking matrix, bitch! Suck me, please!)

Ok, So I’m going to do a quick warm up if you just joined me, let’s stretch out our muscles, do some lingam massages by practicing our kegel exercises…

Now I must further prove myself to you. With facts (undeniable pieces of evidence taken completely out of context)! and BULLET pointS!

  • In the alphabet, J is immediately followed by K.
  • My husband’s name starts with J.
  • Kim can be a boys name OR a girls name! OR a surname!
  • K – I – M (spelling)
  • Sound it out really slowly… K, I… am.
  • Say it backwards… Mmm…iK. (sounds like a hiccup, I may have had too much to drink)
  • Are you ok, brother? Can you hear me all the way down there?
    • I’m oK!!!!!!!!
  • 11th number in the alphabet. 11 is the number of DESTINY!
  • A bunch of facts from wikipedia,

Lets see if I can turn make myself really really offensive, to prove I am an abomination unto the church…

  • 555. My birth time. Exact birth time.
  • And in this post I already compared myself to J-Zeus.
  • Made reference to sex magic, spiritual pregnancy.
  • Real pregnancy, termination.
  • Had a dream about birthing a monster!!!!
    • Later that day I actually took a really nasty (shaking, shivering, sweaty) dump. That might have been the hell I unleashed..?
    • Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Haha it really doesn’t matter if they’re the same!?
  • I’ve been clicking through my posts from August. And holy shit. Those are some prophecies, or signs of my superpowers of being the new avatar for humanity *woot woot*

You know when you just feel joy? And you feel it in all parts of yourself? Your mind, your soul, your heart? It’s just so exciting, and arousing.. And then you just want to move your body along with the the movements within you, like doing a little happy dance. A little bippidity boppoo. Not just a little bit of a nod or bounce, but also to use your arms and moooove with the grooove.



I’d fuck me.

But the only reason I can pretend to have any fucking self confidence, or belief of any semblance of worth… Is because of you. I am life and I am facing my lover. and suddenly I am moved to be beside him. How quickly my perspective and priorities have changed.

I look to the future as life. And see all the hope and wonder that lays before the feet of the generations. And it fills me with sadness. I am the queen of the underworld, I am the bride of Hades. I am Kore awakened as Persephone.

But am I one with the personification of death?

Or am I merely standing at the gates?

Am I to choose to pass through them?

I’m having too much fun with Mars and Mercury. Ares and Hermes, my will and my thought. They are the pistons give fire to my numinal haltija, it awakens me.

(10.10.18 @ 11.12am)

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