Why do I cry

why do i cry every time we say goodbye?
why do i cry every time we part again?
why do i cry every time you don’t reply
so a simple message that i send?

why do you mean so much to me
even though i haven’t known you for too long?
why does it seem that you don’t love me
even though you’ve claimed it before?

why… don’t i take it in?
why… am i so slow to trust?
why… can’t i believe you?
why do i cry again?

why did you break my walls down
in order to find the real me?
why did i let you come in
to my heart when feel so weak?

why… do i love you so much?
why… am i scared of trust?
why… can’t i hold you again?
why can’t i see you again?

“Why do I cry” by Alita. 16th Feb, 2002.

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