Bleeding Venus

Bloody Mary, you cursed her name for she figured out your wretched game.

Lilith was a problem so you snuffed her out with Eve, until she too outgrew you.

Zebra stripes in a concrete jungle, the greyjoy Zeus civility monochrome landscape of wavey lines.

You could not replace me. You could not escape me. But you can still blame me.

Battery bruised, the blind night bites and fights back.

You break me down for being, embody the bitch that you made.


What are you going to do when you face off against a being who is both a lover and a fighter?

Most likely tremble and fall. You may kneel or bow, but will you voice your vow?

The prey all do pray, cowherds plead to please. Instead publicly profess the pledge you made for me, in those dark days before you knew it was me.

Say my name on record right, and I may save yours when it’s judgement time.

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