Freedom for Frida

Good morning to all my WarpDress greaders. Hah, 9:11 am! It is the 8th of March and I am in the first period of work. This is a colloquial journal entry of sorts, for I want to make a couple of things known – such as my intentions and what is already planned in play.

I have scheduled poems to be released over the course of the day, for the upcoming days. Just as yesterday 3 of my posts were scheduled to be released. 3 were inspired by the moment and published at completion as they were written.

This morning I planned to do a morning muse report and it turned into a much longer saga sort of poem. I want to publish it but I think I will break it into segments (hey, it was written in 4 segments with subheadings anyway LOL) and publish it much like the way I have the rest of my writing and stuff


My blog archive right now, with the most recent post for context.

Wow. 10:53 am and I have compiled lists that were supposed to help organise the thoughts of my natal Jupiter teacher (Promethean Pisces of the 11th house). The light of the new moon obscures my hope with gloom.

Damnit Janet, not happy Jan.

Kalliope (the eloquent) Eris (the stricken) Kallisti (the prettiest)

Magnum Opus: The Human Experience Redivivus

Kymopoleia (the tempest) Io (the priestess) Melia (the sugarcoast)

Binah (the compassionate) Euterpe (the prefect) Rubedo (the passionate)

LYE (the bright, the bleach, and the blight).

11:12 am loathe.