A ratio of nations

0510 oz:io

Azure blue sky with -ll

The vowels come marching one by one

Mhmm – hurrah harruh… uh-ha?


A – antlia

E – ea

I – io

O – oh

U – eu

Wait… wha and why?

Yes, and nou.


The famous five and the secret seven.

A dozen black birds thrown into thy

Formal parade, tuxedo masquerade.

Gown of phosphate magnesium on fire,

Hurt heart, hubris hybrid.

Birds of a feather,

sand or grass flocked together.

Lie my spine, tap my sioux pie.


Scattered in silence,

Cacophonic white nous now nigh —

endonym mecum.

Tangenteel echolalia…


There were the special two.

The silen2io connected them,

and will beat again.

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