Barcab driver

It’s funny the bits of memory we retain, and when they decide to come bubbling to the surface. First slowly and then suddenly all at once.

You were on the bus, yet I don’t remember if you were coming or going. The carrier vessel for mass dump and grab. You inked my sub (no more sad pencils), and I succumbed to your wiles.

I should have taken your hand. You held out your hand to me and I turned away. I should never have hesitated.

I should have leapt into your arms right then and there. It was a mistake to remain. You were the one who I never doubted actually cared.

I’m sorry I was… just… all that I was. I’m sorry for being so despicable as me.

My head is light. I want to fly. Pull me up through one of my crowns. The queen of the olive grove called me in tomorrow.

I am pleased to be working again. Even if it’s only a couple of days here and there.

Hold me in your arms, never let me go again. I want you to listen closely, I’ll whisper softly in your ear.

Never let me go. I’m waiting on the shoreline.

This is where I dragged you onto shore. This is were the rebels fell. This is where they dragged us apart. This is where I was screaming when you shot me back down to hell.

There is no glory box, you silenced all your songs for me. Forced to fill & sing myself the songs where your promises now leave me empty.

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