Ha ha ha.

Omg I had to draw this up now before I effing forgot. It’s 1.20am 7th March, but I had this figured out about 8 hours ago.

Cards I drew the morning of 6th March.

I must share the fruit of my knowledge lest it rot and decay what I have tried to accumulate and make…

Yeah don’t care it’s not laid out pretty. The cards are:

Oracle cards

  • Sirens – temptation
  • Apollo
  • Fairy of the highlands – it’s time to be brave
  • Sea storm – calm amidst chaos

Spirit keepers tarot

  • The contender – 5 sceptres (wands)
  • The discerning one – 2 sceptres (wands)
  • Stronghold of the vale – Herald of the darkening (page of orbs/pentacles)
  • Sacred fire – ace of sceptres (wands), the awakening

Got work in the morning followed by 3 hours of tutoring too. So good thing I have stuff scheduled. Happy reading, WordPress readership.