Your Oracle Divination, abbr.

Nicola posted a question about preference for oracle or tarot. I use both. Generally, it comes down to the current situation. What do you want to get out of it?

Because to me, literally any thing can be read as a message or sign from your inner divine.

I decided to draw a card as a mini reading for you all. I shared it on instagram with a brief divinatory caption.

If you have Instagram, my account is mmmkalliope and I’ve got my Instagram as a sidebar widget (if you’re viewing this through my domain, not the WordPress reader).

I don’t have time to explain or elaborate presently. But how about I leave the picture here for you to read the message it has for you to behold.

Card #7 – Poe

Time for change, to learn something new, advanced technology.

Oh yeah guys. Today I’m teaching industrial technology. LOL.

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