Hephaesteus the blacksmith, Ares the warrior and Aphrodite the lover.

  • Njord, Freyr and Freya.
  • Samael, Lucifer and Lilith.
  • Krishna, Shiva and Shakti.
  • Enlil, Enki and Ninmah.
  • Mordred, Merlin and Nimueh.
  • Apsu, Lahmu and Lamashtu.
  • The father, the son and the holy spirit.
  • Metatron, Sandalphon and Shekinah.
  • Mercury, Mars and Venus.
  • Min, Amun and Amunet.
  • Odin, Frigg and Freya.
  • Minerva, Juno and Jupiter.
  • Ceres, Pluto and Prosperina.
  • Poseidon, Demeter and Despoina.


I am the tutelary deity of this realm. There are many names of which I am known.


The 6th house of Libra holds Pars Fortuna at 19°, the South Node at 21°, and Pallas Athene at 24°.

The Lady of Luck and Woman of Wisdom & Warfare, chattering away about strategies and routines and lucky breaks and skill upgrades. Of course in the house of Libra, all this talk of strategy and warfare must be fair, balanced, seeking harmony and justice.

Ceres, the nurturing earth mother, lives next door in the 7th house of Scorpio 15° – dead centre. She is central to my nature to nurture…

Juno, Jupiter’s wife, lives not in the number of his house, but she lives in his sign. 8th house of Sagittarius 24° – my soul mate is a visionary, he ignites my inner fires, all things of life and death – with him, are transcendent.

Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, guardian of the sacred flame. Well well well, my guardian of the sacred flame is imbued with the independent verve of the cardinal fire sign, Aries. A warrior queen and priestess, the most powerful of self healing and showing others the wisdom of self care (source).

Under the Placidus house system, Vesta is located in the 11th house of friendship and affiliation; using the whole sign houses, Vesta’s in the 12th house of sacrifice and institution.

One thing is for sure though: of course I want to share my understanding of the inner sacred flame! The scene change doesn’t really change anything at all… I don’t need a real crowd to perform for. I can continue to talk into this air and have it read and understood eventually… somewhere…

I want to help you to discover, honour and respect that freedom of individuality within all of humanity – by helping you discover it within you.

My natal Vesta retrograde reinforces that divine message I have to learn how to set boundaries.

  • I have to learn discipline in myself…
  • I must learn steady balance of service and dedication…
  • avoid obsession and neglect.
  • To harness and hold the inner balance of the alchemical flame. I must learn to serve myself devoutly in order to be of utmost peak service for others.

I am the guardian of the dark night. The keeper of the flame. The fire is not one you can see with your eyes. It is so subtle, hidden beyond the material veil, if you want to see it then you must travel far beyond the reach of our sun’s external light.

Light pollution. Allegory of the cave. It may take time for your eyes to adjust. Be not afraid.

This is my realm, my home. Descended and fell from the highest emanation. Climbed and clawed up from the deepest perdition. There is no outer light, I can see because the light burns from within.