Personification of death

I’ve always kind of had a thing for the idea of death, but not really death, just… conceptual transference of spirit? Like… what’s it like on the other side? Is there nothing? Is there something? I wonder what it’s like, but without the physical pain of the body?

I was a pretty disturbed kid. I remember being such an attention seeker like I said I would kill myself but put a table knife against my throat. I also put a belt around my throat and pulled it tight while sitting in front of a mirror, so I could watch. I was curious.

Maybe it’s all the Scorpio energy in my birth chart. I’ve got Venus as my leading planet and Pluto less that a half a degree apart in Scorpio. They’re practically on top of each other and Venus is in retrograde. Apparently Venus was transitioning to her morning star stage. Astro butterfly has been amazing with her astrology posts.

I know I am super intense and can be totally obsessive. I thought it was a weird choice of word though – obsessive. Only because I was so comfortable with chopping and changing that I was fairly consistently inconsistent. Hah.

There is part of me that is afraid that I am just full of shit, that I just don’t know when to shut my mouth as I know I have a penchant for word vomit. Just bllleeeeurrrgh all over everything and everywhere. But I’m going to wear my mecha-magician suit lovingly named mmmother.
I understand my name and face will be required to give credence to my words, but I was hoping I could kind of stay out of it until after my birthday. You know, keep my identity sacred until after all the crap…

Let’s take a second to get to know me a bit more. Some facts and figures, numbers maybe. Or maybe a visual representation, because we all know how fond I am of imagery!

Take a bite from the forbidden fruit. It will make you like the gods. You’ll be like them, you’ll know how pathetically enslaved you all are.

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