Nouns have many names and places

Nouns are names for people, places and things.

  • I wrote a whole blog post dedicated to documenting a (comprehensive, yet probably incomplete) list of names for which I have been known.
  • I even wrote another blog post comparing myself to inanimate things!

To ensure I fulfill another trinity (I should start making commemorative badges to pin to my akubra), I’m going to need to become one with nature. I will need to sublimate my essence with that of the environment… I will need to dissolve my ego, my identity, my face…

Personify PLACE!!

And yet, with my many names and lifetimes worth of laughter and libel, I still find it difficult to identify what it is… that thing that I want to do… Let’s sort these thoughts out and write a list.

  • Various adventures and times.
    • Parkour mortal kombat, walls, roof, fences and trees. Smoke was in love with Katana. We wouldn’t let the lava touch our feet.
    • The vigilant demon hunter listened for mistakes. She watched carefully from her seat in the assembly.
    • The cookie monster had no experience in creating cults and was unable to please the god of Spoons, who recanted the promise to head south from on high.
    • Wandered through the grasslands with Hippy, the fresh air made us high.
    • Accepted a twix, the souls had exchanged their wedding gifts.
    • Stragen gave her an ataris and showed her the galaxy in the entrails of an exploding dog.
    • Enthusiastic for first time experiences, she covered herself in knives to commemorate her first step into the dungeon.
    • Questing for the crimson throne amonst the lecture halls at dusk, Pretty Lady was the cheerleader in her band of Proclaimers.
    • The human rogue destroyed a rival pie cart with teenagers over the wall and has not been seen since.
    • In the blackness of empty space, the goddess awoke and took back her rightful place.
    • The world is new and frightening, too slow for the speed of thought. She struggles over the soft and moist terrain, tripping on stalagmites in desperation to exit the opening of the cave. The cage had been unlocked and left open, she was finally free.

3 thoughts on “Nouns have many names and places

  1. Ron says:

    You do have a way with words you do not let them beat you up. Your like the old Trail boss who herded the cattle on the
    Chisholm trail many years ago. You guide the words through treacherous terrains and deserts to the railway stations of the internet to board cattle cars to reach the Eastern markets of the world for consumption. Great writing.

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