Trust in me

I would rather you trust yourself, learn to watch for signs of deception (intended and unintended) as we often use words as a smokescreen to detract from the real issues.. Like when people ask “how are you?” very rarely do they actually want to know. They are performing a social nicety. It’s perfunctory, such as the response “I’m good.” What about a different synonym, so it doesn’t feel like a script?  That’s not really aimed at you though, but… just.. society in general.

I’ve had my reputation precede me, that people hear I’m a bad influence or whatever. So I would always say to them that they can choose to believe what they hear, or they can get to know me and make that judgement for themselves. People should learn to trust themselves so that they can be their own agents of perceptivity. I would like you to trust me, but I would prefer to earn that trust so that it empowers you, not me. Basically… letting myself off of the hook.

Pretty fucking pathetic that I, a person, have to stick disclaimers and warning labels to myself… but they protect me from absorbing unwarranted hate and blame…

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