Month: March 2019

The Holy Ghost

I have scheduled posts. I started setting them up since the close of last month. So… I guess what I’m trying to say is goodbye. Again. I know I’ve said that a bunch of times. And I never follow through…. Read More ›

Your words inspire me

My friends, my fellow writers here upon WordPress. Lend me your time as you read my feeble words inscribed upon this digital wall of letters and light. I want you to know how much I appreciate reading your soul. You… Read More ›

Enter the black door

See my red dress that was torn during our fall. The tear through spacetime fabric, fight to regain control. I see them all walk by, their noses upturned high. Our cries fall on deaf ears, too proud to match our… Read More ›

For you to notice

Dashboard Confessional – For you to notice I’m starting to fashion an idea in my head where I would impress you Reaching new heights, diving to new depths. Up or down, spinning in free fall. What once was a dance,… Read More ›

If the shoe fits

I got a new pair of shoes yesterday. I’m so keen as beans to wear them out. Going to stroll around the mountains today. The mountains and the seas meet at my feet. The Calla Lily has a matching mountain… Read More ›

Forgotten dreams

I really should keep a dream journal, again. I should write in it as soon as I wake. The only thing I remember from my dream last night was to remember the word asphobel or ashphobel or… something like that..?… Read More ›

Mothman mystery

When you meditate and look within, you discover the structure that supports your senses. The sphenoid bone within your skull. Supports your optic orbs and the nerves so you may hear and smell. This guy looks like he’s standing on… Read More ›

Eidolone Summoning (FM04)

Kestrel relievings My tired family day, genealogy branch I trace the small predatory bird of quietest praise. Shadowy trill, the nosedive thrill. Highest perception of unpronounced skill. Final fantasy destiny to crash and burn upon the pinnacle of man’s temple… Read More ›

LJ Archive: Aunt Apathy

19 january 2002 @ 12:01  laziness reaching a new level   ever felt so apathetic and lazy?sure people procrastinate and all, but i’ve reached an entire new level of apathy. just last night i stopped moving. i just sat there and… Read More ›

Orpheum Summoning (FM03)

Thestrals receiving My little brother, buy me a pony. Oh brother, where art thou? Ride my battle steed. You look up to me for personality. My fame, my name, my face. Tiger blood in this rat race. Mister miser, supplicant,… Read More ›