I don’t normally explain the spreads or card that I draw on here. I tend to just throw up an image and go “have at!” It was only that one reading I wrote up in detail on here, and it was to help inspire me with what to do with this website.

This happy little card was staring up at me before I even started shuffling my cards. I thought nothing of it and shuffled it into the rest of the deck. I’m fairly familiar with the ‘behaviours’ of my decks, I think of them like they’re friends and each deck has a particular personality about them.

I’m really particular and picky when it comes to purchasing items for myself, and when it comes to allowing people into my circle of trust (imagine I’m a friend agent. I scout for people I like, and hone in on “you. I like you. You are going to be my friend.”). Part of why I’ve been termed a sociopath or psychopath, I can emotionally distance myself from others and evaluate them in terms of “use” and “function”. Pfft, I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s ever been like “hey, I like that person. I want to be their friend” or “eerr, I do not want to be friends with that person.”

I’m as psychopathic as a 7 year old. (Which come to think of it, is kind of terrifying. You have every right to feel as uncomfortable about me as you should.)

ANYWAYS. As I was shuffling a card jumped out, and I’m a person who takes note of these things. I pick it up and WTF, it’s that SAME CARD. Which freaks me out for a bunch of different reasons that I shouldn’t worry about – EXCEPT THAT I TOTALLY DO. I am neurotic and obsessive AS A NORMAL RUN OF THE MILL KIND OF LEVEL, MY NATURAL STATE IS INTENSE. That is me “relaxing” in the normal swing of things.

(Another dead end draft that I’ve published that contributes nothing to the communal wordpool. But I wrote it months ago and what’s the point of me writing if no one else reads it? I must assault your minds with my incessant meanderings.)

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