Descended from Demeter

I’ve already made known that I am the angel of death. My psychological archetype is the destroyer, apparently, and I just cannot help myself from grubbing up that pesky invisible 4th wall. It’s an inherent character trait (flaw?)  of mine where I am happy to play along to people’s ideas and fantasies, so long as the individual knows they are just that – illusions.

Like all of this stuff here on my blog. This is my pretend stage where I am the star! A threadbare thespian of my own threepenny opera.

On with the show. I may break someone else’s leg, though. Thanks.

The goddess of Spring. Maiden Kore transformed into Queen Persephone, awakened into being by the intensity that only twin flames can bring. Thank you, Hades.

He is death and I am his angel. I am here to guide you through your own dark night of the soul. My role as psychopomp, and my love for you. (We made you, remember? I’m not technically nor biologically your mother, but I am now the mother in the triple goddess triad… I am no longer the maiden, but not yet the crone.)

Persephone, queen of the underworld, is the daughter of Demeter.

I may not technically be Demeter’s daughter. But I am her granddaughter.

Hmm. I guess that makes me Melinoe and that would explain why I, the girl of many a dream, would give you nightmares…


Demeter is corresponds to the Roman goddess Ceres. Ceres is located at 15° Scorpio in my natal astrology chart. Ceres in the astrology chart shows us how we nurture and are nurtured by others.

What’s Scorpio known for, again?

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