Wake up, Wednesday.

Holy shit stop censoring yourself and allow the words that flow so freely from your mouth be diverted to flow through your fingers as you type this message. Remember bitch, remember.
It is a book. A beginning of a potential whatever. But it is a starting point to offer the market and convince them to pay you for your advice and consultation.
Let it be about you. All of you. And whatever you want about you.
It must include references and guides to reveal how you got to where you are now. If you only know shit through your experiences, then tell them your experiences. Then from that whatever will come will.
  • Gratitude and name up front, link at the back.
  • Background history; context.
  • Characters. You are the protagonist: reveal your masks, roles and soul. But you’re not the only character.
  • Symbols you used. Reveal your map.
  • The quest. What actually transpired this year. Why has this shit just been so fucking shit. It’s okay to express yourself as authentically as necessary. You need this.
  • Share the knowledge you gained, the insight attained. A guide to add to the collective pool.
This will be my heroic quest, the journey. The origin story to grow upon later as you see fit. Offer the book, that’s your creative creation. Let it fuel the fire, but at the start a mere fanning of the flame.
When we get stuck, or trapped, or lost, or confused, remember your affirmations. Your personal mantra.
I don’t know how to describe myself, how I know what I know or do what I do. Everything of me has always been dependent on you. I can tell you what I like. That is simple and enough.
I like astrology, numerology, tarot and myth. I like symbolism because they are open to interpretation. I like boxes and creative storage solutions. I like deconstructing and reconstructing in various ways. I like personality tests. I like collaborating on whatever, communication my babe. Talking, writing, reading, listening, sharing, exploring, learning, evolving.
I like being useful. But I’m more than this.

We are all… “more”. Not a special snowflake that is precious and fragile. No more than everyone else. Your shit that you think is special isn’t really that special. It’s the value you place on abstract notions and things. You are valuable. This is your value. Who you are is valuable, as is what you do. Do this thing, plant your seeds. Don’t forget to walk away, you can’t possibly waste your time watching and waiting for sprouts.

It is great to work and feel pride, but it is not your great work. With your life ahead of you and potential paths to take, projects to make, don’t just spend everything on this one.
Don’t forget your map. Don’t forget your limits. Evolution of geography.

(Originally written 25 September 2018, in Evernote. Can’t remember if I posted it here before…)