Baboon (Spam original)

Goodbye my beloved, come back to me soon.

Farewell my dear, I can’t bear to see you go.

So long my love, have a pleasing trip.

See you soon my precious one.

Don’t keep me waiting til we meet again, my queen.

Pledge me your safe return.

Baboon, Baboon April, Baboon.

Goodbye my beloved, pleasure meeting you.

I’ll always cherish all those kodak moments.

Hopefully, someday, your sight would light my way,

though our fate is hard to say.

Oh yes I’ve waited but nothing was gained. Why, my queen?

Promise me you’ll never change.

Baboon, Baboon April. Baboon.

Baboon April, I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you a lot.

I’m gonna miss you a lot.

Come back to me soon, my love.

Hopefully, someday, my fear would go away,

and let you hear what I have to say.

Baboon, Baboon April, Baboon.