Guardian at the end of the galaxy

I am a prolific writer. Or rather, I talk a lot. I prefer the mode of speech, vocalisation to communicate my message as that is much more direct – instantaneous. I am born on the cusp of a generation that thrives on INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

I am the perpetually satisfied seeker, as I live in the moment – EACH MOMENT. And once that moment has passed, I am left feeling empty and hollow again. But at the same time, I am not.

I am complacent, complicit, and contented in my lot in life. I like enough to never be in want. I am thankful for everything I have. I love unreservedly and attempt to bring joy, smiles and laughter to everyone around me. When I am happy, it is infectious.

When I am angry, it too is infectious. For I seethe with it. I struggle with self restraint, and thus I have always needed a ‘minder’ or ‘handler’ to take care of me. A guardian, you could say. But you know those crazy tabloid celebrity stories, where the bodyguard/nanny and the star have a salacious affair?


In this film, I’m Salma Hayek. If you haven’t seen this film, she’s not one of the stars pictured.