Totally officially 7th level psycho

See? I’m totes mcgoats cray-cray. Because quiz results confirm what was already buzzing in your brain.

I’ve done this test a couple of times over the years. This is probably my best result. LOL I mean, there are no “very high” results.

Whoop, but I am going to hell apparently. I managed to be an extreme match for two whole levels! That’s pretty cool, I’ve never been so central to any ideals before.

How funny, I fit so well into level 5 and level 7, but they are on the fringe of the levels that actually have names.

I’m the moat for dis city. Hah. I’m the protective layer for the residents of level 6, just as my “earth3n alchemysts” are the protective layer for the residents of earth (life supporting atmosphere).

One more quiz result before I scoot. And…. (drum roll) cyclothymic!

Okay. So to recap:

  • I have a dramatic personality!
  • I encircle the city of Dis.
  • Every new beginning is some other beginnings end.

I’m a one-woman ticker-rage-tape parade!

Roundhouse kick and mid-air freeze-frame for dramatic ending as lights fade to black.

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