Epic prose battle of Kalliope! Teacher vs Preacher (unfinished)

I’m not going to go into rhyme and shit because honestly this post isn’t inspired in any way. It’s contrite blog filler because I have got absolutely fucking lined up in the works. I came up with this awesome headline but eh, that’s not at all what I plan to be writing about.

I’m going to write about how I became a teacher. AND because I’m so shit at formulating a coherent linear train of thought, you just have to bear with me while I just write stuff… I guess that’s one of the reasons that I like writing in dot points. To help clear things up and lay them out for inspection and configuration.

  • The logical rationale how I chose this as a career path
    • university “national priority” therefore lower fees
    • preferred talking to minors (teaching) over touching seniors (nursing)
    • live in an english speaking country, therefore why not. jobs?
      • there are no jobs in english teaching.
    • I felt like I never grew up. I merely learned how to act in public. I get to pretend I’m queen bee of the school that all the boys love and all the girls love to hate.
      • Except not at all in a sexual weird way. Ick.
      • I’m an educator, not a predator.
      • I know how to play the teacher, play the counsellor, play the friend, play my part.
      • Weirdo idea of “if you could go back and do it all again…”
        • So I am! (At least in my head)

It’s really strange to say that I’m a teacher. I feel like teachers are people that deserve respect for what they do. I guess I sort of do that. Like, I work in a public school. A public HIGH school specifically. In the “western” suburbs of Sydney…

(Unfinished… but I forget where I was trying to go with it. It’s been sitting in my drafts folder for months.)



  • whore of babylon
  • apocalyptic imagery and structure of the book of revelations.
  • 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.
  • create a resource that people can download. a product to promote or some shit.

K. that’s me.

  • whole bunch of shit that I just randomly like. REFLECTED GLORY!
  • music, films, tv shows, art… archetypes, characterisation, recognisable self ideations
  • creative writing for fucking fun. whatever, whenever, however.
    • I dunno.
    • Too confusing when I try to break it down to far ahead of myself.
    • Emotionally motivated, inspired clarity.

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