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What’s black and blue and red all over?

In chess, the queen protects the king. The queen can move like a bishop or rook. It cannot move like a knight (L shaped). If you were to visually depict the possible moves of a queen, it resembles the symbol for chaos.

In constructing a visual representation of myself, I inadvertently reconstructed the chaos symbol (8 armed wheel, or the dharmachakra. It truly was an unintentional esoteric correlation. You can read about it in my antichrist manifesto.)

This is a teaching resource in regards to assisting students when it comes to thinking and writing about art.

In terms of graphic organisation, you can replace the words with whatever words you want in order to communicate your concept.

So refer back to my first image at the top of this post. On the shoulders of 3 sits the throne of the queen. Regardless of your concept… ego, persona, shadow, conscious, anima, animus, subject, object, project…

  1. Essence.
  2. Diametrically opposing extremes.
  3. Evaluative referential vantage points.
  4. Complete, holistic approach to conceptual analysis.
  5. F.U! Chaos ensues, some random freak occurrence that devastates your perfectly reasonable and sound conceptual construct…

An old livejournal entry. “Blush and sun”? I don’t remember why I chose those particular words… Well, “blush” was a demure affectation in response to using the word “passion” to describe the colour of my aura. But sun? I don’t know.

But I think it’s pretty cool that it feels like it foreshadows the eventual awakening of myself as “the sun”. OMG please, just go through my blog and see all my references to the sun, sunshine, fire and light.

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        • I don’t know the expression, but I often substitute my own malaproprisms and bullshit my way through – often with comedic or tragic consequences. Everything is a learning experience, so I try to be open minded.
          I’m garbage with linear organisation when I am trying to express my own ideas. I feel like Dirk Gently in that everything is connected. But instead of being a holistic detective, I end up being the holistic assassin.