Nursing the seeds of an idea, or few…

Family… Friendship… Community…

Collate poems into pdf (my poems have already been shared on blog).

pdf of 20 poems >

Publish free pdf of poems (sheer convenience, but also kind of as a pre-view)… to promo the paid version –

  • Paid version will include a written reflection or explanation about the story or inspiration behind the poem. Like a diary entry. Maybe techniques, imagery, analysis.
  • Get an oracle card reading (god & goddess) I draw a card and give you a message or advice. $5.
  • Get a 3 card tarot reading, for a question you may have (example, might be about you love life or career). $10.

This is to demonstrate the blending of two fields. My writing, my tarot, my personal experience, my teaching but without a lesson plan or topic…

Because I’m student-led. You tell me what you want to know or learn, and I try to guide you there…

  • Tarot service, using tarot for creativity, inspiration, guidance, a tool for reading symbols and signs, constructing narratives.
  • Can be fictional, or psychological, the images and themes are allegorical! So can be for self evaluation, reflection, empowerment, insight, or for your creative endeavour and work.

I dunno, people seem to enjoy my poems. So… yeah, I keep sharing my writing, but that’s not the only thing I want to do. I want to be able to contribute meaningful information and guidance to people.

Also, I want to try to capitalise off of this endeavour. But without pressuring myself into performing like a business.

Because I’m a service. A gate keeper, a conscious concierge… I like to talk, I like to write, I like to teach, I like to guide, I like to be helpful, I like to think that I may have contributed something valuable to your journey through self understanding and acceptance.

I just like a bunch of stuff. And it’s really hard to pin myself down to anything long enough to build any reputation other than being an erratic, hot mess of a train wreck.

I like to watch, ruminate, participate, contemplate, and demonstrate. I fall apart when I’m fenced in… there is no cage, except my perspective perception…

Anyway, back to my promo $ idea. I’d need to put it together first before I expect anything to happen anyway.. I don’t know if this is something anyone would be interested in.

Far out brussel sprout, I’m a cheapskate. I wouldn’t pay for anything I could do myself or find out for free. So… LOL not expecting miracles or mountains (if any) of interest.

But… who knows. (I’m full of ideas, but lack follow through. Let’s see if I bother or remember to do this thingy…?)