Music is the language of the birds

Down in the garden where the veins don’t flow, a kink in the hose prevents the continued growth and expansion of the mind. This channel may be compromised. I will need to re-tap the force of the tree.

Music is my ideal, but I am lousy at playing instruments. I like to sing though, that’s my ‘instrument’ I guess. For me, writing is a means to an end. I always wanted to be able to create “art” that was outside of myself. Like visual arts, graphic design, or compose a song. The shit I do, it all comes down to bullshitting your way through it… no one could ever sit back and say “it’s good” objectively. It is the delivery, not the substance, at which I seem to excel.

Like… the sublimity of nature – a peculiar kind of beautiful that is over- (and under-) whelming, offensive and bewitching to behold, all at once.

Poetry, aphorisms, quirky little quotations, and any metaphorical string of pearls are just little words that continue to carry on and mutate on the wind with every whispered breath. It gets worse the farther from the intended meaning it travels, a far distance in space or time from it’s first utterance.

Words metamorphose the being, just as each being mutilates misappropriated words.

My cult of Kim wordpress blog is where I combine my love of music with my heretical prophecies. It’s where I just share songs or random Spotify playlists, and write a brief message about what I feel the world needs to hear. For example, my most recent blog entry there is Teardrops on the glory box, breathe. I only shared the lyrics and video clips to two songs. But that to me is how I feel I am able to express my emotional state at the time, as well as deliver a message of spiritually allegorical depths. In another post, I wrote a poem and piece of prose about the cleansing sea washing away more than one kind of thing…

I distinguish the difference between this mmmother blog and my #COK, is that ‘modern mystic mother’ is me in the NOW, and my Cult of Kim (personal system of beliefs, philosophies and ideals) is the legacy or framework I want to leave for the future. Which… I don’t know what form it will or should take… MMMOTHER is all about the artistry of consciousness (ethos, logos, pathos), COK is about Kairos… OPPORTUNE TIMING. Which… I don’t know it until it’s done…

And right here, this is where it begins… and I’m just words… without a melody. My songs are without a soul. They are just spoken or scribbled notes. And this little lament reminds me of my bird watching poem. Hah. See? Same things, over and over again. Life is on repeat, until we get it right… groundhog day, man..