You can leave your fez on, as we strip away the needless

Fez posted a poem and asked for feedback for advice about writing lyrical poetry with the aim of expanding his repertoire in terms of writing song lyrics.

I spoke to him about poetic metre setting the rhythm to aid in the development of his writing, which led to us talking about rap lyrics and the genre of spoken word, or performance poetry (aka slam poetry).

He gave me the idea of possibly making a recording of one of my own pieces of writing, to perhaps narrate or “perform” one of mine as he suggested it would add an extra dimensional element to the piece… an enhancement of the quality of sensations when we engage in a particularly moving poetic/literary experience.

I have curated a selection of my creative writing portfolio that I think might be suitable to do an audio/visual recording or adaptation, and am laying them here before you.

Here is a list. I am calling for your nominations. I’m open to your input and/or suggestions. I present a ballot of potential prosetic candidates.

What do you think? Which would you most like (or least hate) me attempt to adapt into a performance piece?

Come on. Comment. I’m open to suggestions and creative constructivism.

7 thoughts on “You can leave your fez on, as we strip away the needless

  1. Sulaiman Hafeez says:

    I perused through all the posts you’ve linked and I’ll just list my top 4 which I think would fit the format of a written word well –
    1. Separating the unified voices.
    2. Antigenesis.
    3. Bird Watching
    4. Mark my words, X marks the spot.
    Whichever one it is you choose to do, I’m curious to see the outcome ❤.

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