Venus in 7th scorpio

A couple more blasts from the past, pieces I had written but didn’t post as they were just half assed silhouettes of possible ideas…

Ursula’s recent post about using astrology to talk about blogging made me think of the following… it is a snippet of me trying to mentally work through my personal natal astrology chart.


21 August 2018

Taurus ruling planet = venus.

Where is ‘she’? The sign she’s in at birth will determine the face she wears, the role she plays in your life.

  • Venus in Scorpio = detriment? Her name is.. Lilith?
  • Venus in Libra = exalt. Inanna
  • Venus in Aries = Kali
  • Venus in Taurus = Aphrodite.


Food for thought for next time… light spectrum, spectral lines, broadening, etymology of “spectre” (ghost) vs “spectral lines” (“fingerprints of light/stars), opacity, vibrational frequencies, use of binaural sounds..

Planetary rulership. To determine their “4 faces” as they face all directions at the same time. Both facing inwards toward earth. And facing out to protect from the eternal unknown.

Tetramorph, the thrones of jewish angel hierarchy mysticism whatsit. The wheels of the throne go round and round. 4 sides of the zodiac wheel, they are the fixed signs…

Aphrodite is 2 faced, Hecate is 3 faced. I have 1 face – my own. Hmm…


16 August 2018

I am a muse. I am the muse.

Here to share a story with you.

The story is me. It is about me.

All the lives I have led, all the tears I have shed.

All that I know and am.

For me. For you.


And for this post’s finale, an extraction from my mythic me, for the potato man to see.

*cartwheels into a curtsey* the cute charlatan thanks you (and disclose the approaching chaotic collision)