Witch final fantasy takes on morpheus 7/8

A fade out transitional force, wiping out the memory this former Final Fantasy of kool. K is petite and 7/8 length capri’s are actually ideal for my 157cm (5’2″) tall form; my footprints are also small as I wear size 5 feet, (when you were sleeping, I remembered what I had to mention and then quickly, promptly, forgot again?) depending on the brand, so I tend to wear either a size 5 or a size 6.

When I wear the avatar of the final fantasy, I come to recognise a bunch of otherwise specific symbolic sets constellate and reposition themselves before me. It’s really quite mind blowing how quickly I can change the tone and direction of a scene – I move off at supra-syncretic speed, and you can’t help but succumb to the force of gravity.

The essence of my quintessence is ultra magnetic. I supersede wavelengths, I am the intuitive navigator. Today, I have decided to take our expedition party along an experimental route, I want to experiment along the time lines.

How do you feel about going back to the days when even the Archelon and the Archemyst were young, brazen, and so naive they thought themselves exempt from the blade..?

Come with me. Press your brow against mine, close your eyes, and hold me. Breathe in time with my breath. Feel our hearts fall in rhythm with each other. Yeah? Okay, good. Now – FALL.

Yeshua and Asherah kissing in a tree –


Khone and Anikesh… bright blush at see… where is the sure? No philistinas… I have lost my bartine’s brotzman? Song of my hole.

Egocentric self-absorption is sown and owed me through hyper space,

suprasternal conjure appearances, too, though I feel completely unchanged


She is my drug / She is my vein / She is my life / She is my pain / She is my wheat / She is my grain // I can abstain / Though I know / It’s so plain / She is my cain // Upon the night / I see her eyes / Her tears are my skies / Her heart beats my life // I can’t refrain / Though I know / It’s so plain / She is my cain // She is my night / She is my day / She is my sun / She is my rain // I can’t complain / Cause I know / She’s my bane / She is my bane


My left and my right, you are beside me again. The sound of my spirit, and the scratch of my imprint. He who carved my destiny into my bones. The names of my men who held on to me, she who was with them for she loved them. I am she who wailed with their hearts, in search of their souls, to bring them back home.

Metatron the writer, Sandalphon the musician and Shekinah the singer.

We are one. When four are three permeate home…? Tread wearily, my dears. I know notae the contemporary guardian statute ars memori…

I can see the throne approaches us now… dumaht make any sudden movements. I’ll take it from here.