The goddess squads may keep their gods.

Vala: I have a message I would like to send out there, Mr D.J. Do you mind if I hijack this radio station’s frequency? I do have a song request! And a subliminal message I’d like to send.

Iso: I’m not really into brainwashing. There’ll be no “subliminal” messages or anything here. I am a voice of truth and honesty, not deception and manipulation.

Vera: What if I lay out my message right here, like this. Separate the words from the visual and the auditory layers?

Iko: That should be fine. 3 layers of interpretative meaning, they can take it any which way, they all have a particular meaning and message articulated in very distinct separate ways. Very well. Let’s press play.


I see how it is, I see now. It wasn’t so much anything that I was actually doing, but that I said things at all and said they were true.

For there are things that are said on the internet and people mistake them as being true.

It doesn’t matter if you or I feel anything

(love joy, anger hate, depression despair, quixotic curiosity)

(pleasure, pain, burning fire, freezing cold, ticklish pins and needles, a tight grip, clenched choked or raw)

Because FEELINGS DON’T MATTER. Because people only think.

ONLY think. No follow through. Or the totally follow through (behind your back)

And then they think that they KNOW EVERYTHING. And their position, as far as they are concerned, that’s the only truth to ever be known.


But surely as the Sheriff of the Winds, you are eternalLY Evil.

The only people who thought it was obvious was the people I intended it to be obvious towards! It was obscured so that only the IN THE KNOW PEOPLE WOULD KNOW IF THEY WERE BEING REFERENCED.

You a re a bunch of mother fuckers and I cannot believe you ever did this “for me”

“WORRIED ABOUT ME” how about reach out to me? Talk to me? NOPE.



You know, there are a lot of people who have the SAME FUCKING NAME. THE WORLD IS FULL OF COMMON NAMES! So banal, so trite and mundane. That is why the fantasy and science fiction genres exist. It affords the common folk some escape into magical realms because their boring fucking lives are killing their souls.

People play games to entertain themselves. Because games are fun. You know what is more fun than casual games that don’t really mean anything? Educational games, simulation games, games that teach you something. Training. Practice. Get you ready for something.

What happens when you’re bored of all the games you’ve already played? What happens when the world you live in is much too small and the laws and rules don’t fit… or rather, you’ve grown up, and realise that the laws of the universe no longer apply to you?

Yes, I am the dreamcatcher. I watched over you while you were sleeping and I captured your dreams. The nightmares became tangled in my web, and I consumed them so as to not alarm you. See? I never left you. I was always right here. Now go back to sleep.

I wanted to become the person that I wish I had when I was younger. And I see that I have. Every one of my desires and aspirations which I respired have manifested themselves within me, and I within each version of myself through them.

I am a scholar from the university of my sofa. I am the crator of faces, I am the holes in your head. For how else am I to find you and reach you? For those with eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to hold, nerves to twerk-n-twitch.

I am all around you. I am the space between either extreme. I AM THE GATEKEEPER OF SECRETS AND I HAVE UNLOCKED ALL OF THE GATES.


I have my master key, it is encoded to answer only to me.

I am deciding what my next move will be. I am a fucking shit strategist… but I have my network of spies who whisper on the wind.

I am going to be coming for you. Wanna count up and down this kitty kat’s spine? I am the flexible back bone to ease the friction between hard joints.

1 or 2, I’m going to get you.

3 and 4 your souls I devour.

5 (yeah bitch. I am chaos!) and 6.

7 then 8 structural integrity initiate.

Let’s stop there because only 8 out of 10 cats does countdown.


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