The boy with the canoe


Rumours blazed through the cliques

About the boy with the canoe,

Upon his return

From his day off of school.

He must be the male from the news.

Cruelty to animals,

And the minds of the conscious,

Inflicted by a young man

To the backside of an Angus.

Espied from afar

With his pants down,

Defiling the still standing cow.

Sirens blaring,

Lights flashing,

Authorities attended the call.

The young man fled,

Leaving his pants in his stead,

Escaping down the river in a canoe.

Back at school, everybody knew

This truant had a canoe.

He remained silent

Through the taunts and jeers,

He would not provide an alibi.

Branded in shame

He received a new name,

Tyler Myson, lover of bison.

K 2011

29 thoughts on “The boy with the canoe

        • kaby says:

          In my real life, there aren’t much people I talk with. I remember back in 2016 and 2017 when I felt completely alone, i used to talk or try to tak with the people, the strangers. I established some relations by doing so, including some crush and love as well….. But with time, they all have been faded….. But a few days with you were one of the best days of my life. It was not fake like other relations… It was real. I think that’s why you’re allowing me to talk to you……. I still miss you. I’ve had water in my eyes a couple times…..
          You stand out from all of them!!…
          You’re special to me and will always be.
          Thank you!
          (I learned so much things from you!)

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        • Kalliope says:

          That’s really sweet of you to say. I truly appreciate it. However I do want to point out to you to be conscious of your intensity, as this is the very same kind of thing that caused that wall to be put between us. Coming across very strong that it is confronting and intimidating.
          As a mother I’d hug you and kiss your forehead. But my husband watches out for me and cautions me because of potential security risks (privacy and personal information and stuff. I dunno if you’re aware I was doxxed over christmas?)

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        • Kalliope says:

          Hacked and private files were emailed to my husband’s colleagues. That’s the thing, because they had my info, the hackers were able to then access his information, then got his work contact information and distributed images to people in his company.
          I’ve not had work and he has had to face crap about whether it’s worth keeping him employed. Because they got all my blog and private shit and how it represents “his character”…
          Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth fucking staying online.

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        • Kalliope says:

          Eh. I dunno. What’s done is done. Just gotta get on with life. And… try not to let it destroy me. Like my WordPress account and G. Suite account got deleted earlier this month, too. So it was a bit of a saga trying to get all that back in order as well. (I think I’ve really pissed some people off?! LOL I dunno?!)

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        • kaby says:

          It’s worse…
          And by the way, you possibly can’t piss off anyone!!..
          Just today, I read the news on newspaper that whole Australia is affecting because the Hacking and cyber crimes are sharply increasing……
          I think the whole world is becoming worse. Here, the war is also about to start between India and Pakistan….
          You might be heard about Pulwama Attack……

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        • Kalliope says:

          The world is approaching a crossroads and the things we do or say are critical in this time as all these roads and paths converge and come to a head… I don’t like to follow the news as it’s all so awful, and sensationalized, and misdirecting. However nothing unites a people like a war… And other crowd and mind control tactics like propaganda, and aphorisms like “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and other garbage. It’s so sad and also infuriating

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