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        • Now it really depends on where your point of reference is. Because I see it as a triangle, and depending on which point one stations themself on that triaxial plane, each individual has a right and a left. So we carry out the wishes or instructions of the other with our right hand (discipline, judgement, direct intervention), and the left hand is left open to guide, welcome, soothe or serve the individual’s own idle desires.
          By serving others, we serve ourselves, and in turn ensure a balanced harmony for the greater good. Which you call “father” and I just call “the self”.
          Because it doesn’t matter what you call it. It depends on your own personal belief system. So for me it is the self, the ego and the shadow. For you, it’s the father, the son and (i assume) the holy spirit.
          The judge is not the same as justice. The arbiter carries out the will of the greater good. And the will of the greater good is blind to the needs of the individual. For it has to be, in order to be fair for all. But people manipulate and distort the system and bring false claims and summons before the courts.
          Gah, I’ve gone way off topic.


        • Looking the spiritual world is like looking into a mirror what appears is not always there. Someone threatens you, you will kill them just as fast as man gun or no gun but we do not keep ourselves in bondage. Men that teach the word always teach you how to descend from heaven they never teach you how to ascend into the heavens. There are three heavens you live in one, I reached into the heavens into the third heaven. Your eyes are opened to the second heaven the area between earth and heaven all you have to do is reach higher and higher and ride the Crystal Ship, Noah’s Ark is a spiritual imagery of what can be.


        • Again, perspective. For I see earth as the middle. There is heaven which is the ideal, and there is hell which is the idol. Earth is purgatory, midgard, middle earth, malkuth. It is here where we can idyll or idle. The balance between “heaven” and “man”. Heaven/earth = godlike/human. Wanna separate them, then god=hu, like=man. Thus why “man” is godless. It’s not male, nor female.
          Wo-man the intermediary between god the nameless (a breath of air on the wind, a puff when you try to speak) and mankind. Hu-wo-man. Hugh man. Hubris, hydrogen, helium, or (a breathy) “you”-man.
          For god moved across the waters, he descended so therefore he was heavier than helium. “Oxygen” combined with hydrogen makes water. Breathing or aspirating life into the world. God breathed “life” into man… man breathes in air (a combination of different gases that make up our atmosphere) and breathes out carbon dioxide.
          This existence is not the base or worst it could be. Everything exists at once,at all places at once. It is the perception of the one who chooses to perceive. Their precept will determine whatever it is that they will see.


        • Earth can take on multiple meanings, for there is the metaphysical element “earth”, there is the soil, there is the planet Earth, there is the mental or internal sanctum of earth (when one meditates or wants to commune with nature). The earth is wild, but also domesticated, it yields to whatever you build or do. It’s a place for all things – living and dead. It’s the ground beneath our feet, the air we breathe, the material. Heaven, hell, home of the physical and non-physical beings (the soul, spirit, zeitgeist, ambiance, “vibes”, energy)
          Earth is exactly that, a garden. Or “the garden”.


        • I choose to see it as a purposeful choice. I have no desire to ascend anywhere. I’m here for a purpose and I’m not done doing whatever it is that I’m doing. If there is a god and god created earth, then why can’t I love god’s creation?
          If god is a frame of mind, an aspect of my self as it is an aspect of all others, then why can’t I attempt to help others see it in themselves?
          It’s ridiculous to think that there is something wrong with the student for not understanding what is trying to be taught. Try different methods, different approaches. It is communication of the idea. Free will to do with that information as one chooses. It’s like trying to teach algebra to a kindergarten kid. The concept is just too abstract for their cognition level. Doesn’t matter if “it’s basic problem solving skills, surely they would understand”. It’s basic when you’ve already built that foundation of understanding. But again, not everyone is mathematically minded and it is ignorant to deny the possibility of use for other types of intelligences. Such as inter or intrapersonal intelligence, spatial intelligence, music, strategy, problem solving, being able to maintain function under high physical or mental duress, etc.
          I understand your apparent urgency, but your path is not my path. Mine is to teach and to foster critical, creative and cognitive growth.
          There is no “one” answer. Again the metaphor, there are many ways up the mountain. The mountain is yourself, and people must learn to conquer themselves. That’s the way to inner peace, which allows the tree of life to bloom and near fruit (love). The fruit is made of skin, flesh, nutrients and seeds. Metaphorically and literally. Read it and understand it however you want.


        • I know you are dying. That’s why I understand your urgency in impressing this lesson upon me. But again, I’m trying to say that I understand, but I’m working from the “other side”. Like a push/pull type of thing. Working in tandem. It appears I’m against you, but I’m not.


        • I know those things about I have seen you before. In another time I don’t want you to get hurt. The earth is not as old as you think. The mathematics and equations decay of radioisotopes decay rates don’t bear it out. I am just concerned

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        • I don’t know what I don’t know, but I’m enjoying the bliss of ignorance for I don’t want to live in fear. I’m always afraid. That’s why I barrel along like a juggernaut. I do not move unless absolutely forced to, and when I do, I do not stop. Because it is metaphorical, I have no idea what I’m doing that “needs to stop” because… I’m not doing anything except talking to people.
          And yet, with isolation, there is no purpose or point to anything. Existence in a vacuum is no existence worth having. That is to say, without someone to talk to, or without company, I may as well not exist at all. I don’t like the hustle and bustle of crowds and cities. I like conversations amongst friends. And quiet company without expectations that “oh, what are we going to do now? What are you going to show me next?” Ugh. I may be theatrical, but I’m not always “on” if that makes sense.


        • Men are arseholes, I used to call them “eggs” because they’re like all Ego and saunter about as if they’re gods gift and why aren’t they being fucking treated as such?! As if anyone owes them anything, as if women should fall before them and be ever so thankful for “being such a nice guy that I want you to have sex with me as a show of appreciation and worship” or some garbage. Because friendship is worth shit compared to a jolly rogering.

          But i have my husband. He’s my bunny bear. If you’ve seen the animated film “rise of the guardians” I’ve compared my husband to being a hybrid of Bunnykins and North from that film. I guess I would be a combo of Jack, Sandy and Tooth Fairy. LOL. He’s someone I respect an adore. And I know it sounds pathetic, but I don’t know where I’d be without him. He’s my strength, because he believes in me. Like I believe in him.


        • I am very lucky. That’s why I know or say anything that I do. Because of him. He doesn’t tell me what to do or any thing lol, but because he exists and we are the way that we are. That’s the only reality I know, my real physical mundane material reality. And I see our narrative across myth and legend. Often with his name, and never with mine. And thus what fueled my study of onomastics.


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