The children of the Wood forders

I am an only child. Mother didn’t know a lot of people in the country except for those she met (and befriended) through father. I am unsure of how she came to know the Wood-fjords, all I know is that our families were close. We were god-related, my parents were the god-parents of their middle child and ever since then it came to mean we were god-family… I don’t know how the thing works. I was never raised in an organised religion. Religion didn’t enter my knowledge until possibly 7 years of age.

Jim and Hilda (or Gilda, I’m not 100% sure of correct spelling) were my god-parents; and their children 3: Ariel, Edith and Thomas. Then there’s the youngest of the bunch, the outlier K, that’s me. For I was the only child of Peter and Marilyn, the christened god-parents to Edith.

Generation Y (born post 1980) – The founding 4, where 3 belonged and 1 was the gate keeper into and out of the other harmonious 3.

2 daughters, 1 son, 1 semi-sister to their tripartite gen. This is not a lament so I will not ramble on about my outsider envy, the lonely and pathetic me to their cool as heck 3.

  • Jim Woodman – he who named me KitKat.
  • Gilda Woodwoman – she who helped my mother navigate Australian life.
  • Peter Joseph Thus – my father. Confident and magnanimous. He who called me monkey.
  • Marilyn Bar Thus – my mother. Curious, uncertain and impressionable. She who named me Kimberly.
  • Ariel 1st wood child – beautifully voiced.
  • I felt ashamed of the warts on my hands in her presence.
  • My waters broke with my firstborn at her wedding.
  • Edith 2nd wood child – beautifully faced.
  • She taught me how to play the piano.
  • I became defensive about cracking my knuckles in her presence. She said my finger joints would grow to double their size.
  • Thomas 3rd wood child – closest my age, we were close as toddlers, but not necessarily with each other.
  • We both felt like outsiders to his 2 elder sisters.
  • I was his date to this year 12 formal.

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