The Real Deal

The domain is back albeit worse for wear

Saturday morning (9th, around 9am) was the day my online footprint was deleted (my kalliope wordpress and google accounts). It is Tuesday (12th, right now 12:34pm) and I can safely say that it appears all my shit is back online.

It is a mess, but I have all my lost files and accounts and rah rah. My domain has also been unparked so that means I can received visitors again!

But… the layout is all wrong. It is ugly and it is messed up, so…. I’m going to need to work on that. However there are some decisions that I need to make. I know this seems pointless to you because HOW DOES IT HELP SOMEONE LIKE ME?! And whatever bullshit is supposed to be the purpose of blogging… lol. Fucking selfish. I write because I always have done this, and I have always done it this way.

I write for myself. I give guidance for others.

I write to help sort through the shit in my head. I do it publicly because I don’t do anything without an audience (including housework. People only believe what they see for themselves). I write publicly for attention BUT ALSO to demonstrate, share ideas, lead by example. To plant seeds of thought so they may grow into plans and action.

So. I flip you the fucking bird and I carry on with my post.


  • Should I work on fixing my layout before producing content?
  • The content I am referring to is that I have a song I wanted to sing… I feel like recording a clip to upload to youtube (you know how I’ve done that a couple of times before)
  • Looking around, everything is a mess. Unless I clean up, this is going to effing stress me the fuck out until it is done.
  • I am referring to BOTH my physical house and my digital home (website).
  • I have read some stuff online and I am looking forward to chopping that shit down with Gimli’s axe. You’re all a bunch of fools, and I should know for I am the king/queen of them all.

Metatron writes all that Metatrope does.

Metonym is but a name assigned to whatever the thing.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, bitch. I know where I got the idea for that (the above? my brain. it’s my understanding of the fucking world and existence. I’d thank god, but then I’d be thinking myself and that’s pretty self-righteous egomania if you ask me. I’m egocentric, but not egotistical.)

I’ve decided I’m going to do some house keeping (physical, then digital). Because this blog post contains enough wisdom that I don’t feel I need to break it down any dumber. There are people who are on the right track and I feel that they are doing just fine. The world doesn’t need me to save them.

I test them.

That’s probably why you all end up (eventually, if not yet) detesting me. LOL.

I’m okay with that. It’s fucking lonely as fuck, but… Fuck, I do it because who else is going to do it? People are so fragile, timid, and selfish. But you forget that the rulers of both Heaven and Hell have riches and wealth. It is in limbo, purgatory, where you have nothing… if you’re lucky, you’ll get to keep your memories.


Here’s a picture from way back when. Can you guess which one I am? (I am all of them. BUT. More specifically, I am really only one of them.)

(12th February, 2019. 1:11pm)

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