Technology is the bane of my existence

I uploaded a YouTube video. And spent the last 40 minutes typing a blog post to go along with it. And because technology is the effing worst, it froze and now I have lost all that I wrote on the matter.

I am so close to smashing shit. Technology kills my mood, my zen.

< rant >

I resent being spoken to as a child. That because I feel emotions, and I express my emotions, that I need to learn this, or need to learn that. Because I don’t know if you have been listening or reading my blog for very long, but… I SAID THAT THING TO YOU, ALREADY. BEFORE. I told YOU about that. And it must be taught to me, again, apparently. Because thou art a righteous man. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. 

<\ rant >

I received a notification on my phone that someone on the sunshine coast attempted to login to my WordPress account earlier this afternoon.

Thought I would share that little tidbit of information. For we live in the age of information. People don’t care if it’s private or not though, people just want to have it all.
Just like god, men have issues with boundaries. I should know, I have boundary issues!!! My issue is that I lack boundaries. Men like to cross boundaries. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, except when it is done with malicious intent.

Invasion, violation. Whether head-on in a war, or surreptitiously through the backdoor. 

All because one may have been granted access before, does not give them the right to demand access again. Especially when that way of passage closed off, and the invitation rescinded.

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  1. Do you know who it was? That’s bad. Have you set up two factor authentication?


  2. Maybe that was the universe saying: it’s not important right now. It’s subtle like that. We often blame a human… but usually there’s no human in the technological ether to blame. Or, I could be wrong…

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    • I was just annoyed. Technology has a way of effing up, freezing, fritzing or lagging whenever I try to do something I care about.
      When I don’t particularly care about something, thats what I seem to succeed in… like uni subjects, or playing a game.
      If I care about trying to make a difference, or do something I’m passionate about… boom! Fail! Radioactive explosion and resultant fallout! Bits of people and pigs getting stuck in my hair so I have to wash that shit out. Ugh. I am sick to death of trying.
      Trying is for chumps.

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  3. No woman can instinctively understand technology ❤❤❤

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  4. I’m okay with that. I work stuff out best by fiddling around with it. But I also don’t like technology that much… maybe because I like analog. Like paper and pen, actual music instruments (not synth everything. Electric is fine!), role play over simulations… I dunno. Technology is useful, but it’s erasing the human element. People don’t know how to relate to each other anymore


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