The Real Deal

spare me 5 minutes of your-tube.

Watch “To the father, I’ll punch your face in.” on YouTube

The sound of music, not silence, lights my way along this highway through hell. I have already said this stuff over and over again on my blog. Yet I am doomed to repeat myself ever louder and louder because of my poor organisational and marketing skills.

That is something I wrote on instagram this afternoon. Binary code, omg are we still such basic creatures that we must see everything as 2 dimensional?! Yes. Because we are gendered and people are obsessed with having something to fight.

I left these words for the dirty caveman, in response to his musing about agnosticism.

I am a philosophical atheist. I am neither right hand nor left hand path in my spirituality. I’m not seeking ascension because earth is where it’s at. I engage in earthly pleasures, and adhere to no religious doctrine.

I used to love taking quizzes and surveys online, because it was funny to see what results I would get. I have learned that Buddhism is the religion that is most like me, the serial killer I was most like in a past life was Jack the Ripper, I am most like the STI gonorrhea, as well as I am 90%-100% evil as a leviathan.

“god the father” “god the son” and “god the holy ghost”

Language is everything. How about we fuck off the “father and son” because they are clearly MALE. There is no mention of a FEMALE unless “ghosts” count. So females are dead and that’s the only way they can be holy.

God is male, goddess is female. Ugh. How about I punch anyone in the face who keeps telling me to go to the father, because of Jesus. Why can’t I conquer my own mountain? Myself? Because I did.

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  1. An honest declaration of your opinions and of how you see religion and the world. I am also against keeping the deliberate masculinisation of God Almighty. As we know, this is all a result of a male-dominated world for centuries. But I do not want a matriarch either. I want gender equality. To your question of “Why can’t I conquer my own mountain?” I would simply say everyone has their own individual and collective mountain to conquer. For instance, my most important individual mountain to conquer is that I want to be appreciated for who I am and not for what I have. Also, I want to be appreciated for my words, not for my physical appearance. I want my human dignity and human rights respected. These three things are the top of my individual mountain but also of my collective mountain because I want everybody to be respected and treated as proper human beings. BTW, nice guitar playing and singing!

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