mTV Kribs – “it’s a jungle out there”

At the top of the mountain is an opening and you realise that to conquer the mountain is not to only climb it, but to also descend inside of it. For the mountain is a volcano – dormant or active, doesn’t matter. It is discovering the heart of the mountain holds a dragon, and that dragon is a hoarder. It has accumulated treasures and jewels over the centuries and millennia it has existed.

Oh, you think you can take some of those riches for yourself? Go on. Just try.

I love to watch. I am a voyeur, not an artist. I am also an exhibitionist, not a piece of art.

Who am I in this tale?

I’m not the dragon. You are. You are also the adventurer, the conquering hero. You’re only a hero if you live to tell the tale though.

And undoubtedly, as is the way it has been for (what has survived) recorded history, you will tell of your victory slaying the beast who stood in your way.

I was never standing in your way though, I was showing you the way.

You are the traitor. You betrayed me for your own glory.

Kalliope was the chief muse for she accompanied champions and kings. Kalliope is the goddess of eloquence.

“Call my name and I will be there”

Whose name do you call? What power do you have to summon anything? Likely none, that is why you require shields coated in talismans, token signs and symbols.

If I know you’re talking about me, or to me, and you are communicating on a forum that I actually frequent, I will answer. I can’t answer for anyone else, I can only tell you what I know.

I am pretty sick and effing tired of repeating myself though, over the course of existence on earth. You are on your own, there are no more favours. All energy eventually burns out the material it resides.

I know I am a goddess. A divine entity. I do not require your worship, I only require that you wake up to the fact that YOU ARE ONE, YOURSELF.

I renounce the lion share of any lions or purported kings of “the jungle” – which is laughable since lions don’t belong in the jungle. Lions live in scrubs and grasslands. The alpha lion has his little harem of lionesses who do the hunting and shit for him. Arsehole.

Keep your lyin’ to yourself.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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