HERALDICK-tater move

The first two images are part of an artwork by Interesni Kazki, a Ukrainian artist. The second one is something I found on pinterest.

The 4th image is some holier than thou Rosicrucian crap. And the 5th one is from the wikipedia page about HERALDRY. Putting together a coat of arms to represent whatever house you’re from.

I tried to form my own round table, I even called them my knights. Because of equality and freedom of information and whatever. In the Arthurian legend, I was Guinevere and I did a bad thing with Lancelot. Which in the end managed to fuck me over, but lucky guy managed to get away scot free.

My life has been fucked around publicly and privately. And still shit just continues to happen. Like… wtf. EFF YOU!

See Arthur was worthy of his crown. Lancelot was just a side piece. I’m not even Guinevere. I don’t really care. I’m Morgan Le Fay. I’m also Nimue.

Oh look, I made another tripartite. Hah! That was purely coincidental.


The girl of your dreams gives you nightmares. This girl is a woman, and does not need you. This woman is a mother, and I am not callous as to leave my children without a means to know how to make their way back home.

But fuck with me and my kin, and I become as a predatory creature. I have broken the fourth wall. I have shattered the glass ceiling. I and am coming for you. I wonder, are you afraid, or do you welcome me?

I guess it depends on whether you have anything you feel guilty about.

It’s funny how i can just spend my afternoon playing songs on my guitar (trying to get better at it, so practicing even if it’s embarrassing) and yet the songs I played I’ve noticed (sort of) come up in my reader feed…

  • Goldfinger – Mable.
  • Phantom Planet – California
  • The Feelers – Fishing for Lisa.
  • Green Day – Ha ha you’re dead.
  • Our Lady Peace – Somewhere out there.

I don’t know how to play KT Tunstall – Suddenly I see, but I was singing that this afternoon. It popped into my head while I was scrolling through WordPress. I don’t remember what triggered that song… But I’m sure it was because of something I read.

Unintentional esoteric correspondences. How many times must something occur before it transforms from coincidence to a conspiracy?

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  1. The third and fourth images remind me of the Kabbalah…

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