Born 555, h.p. love k raft. I dialled my birth time and said part of my name kthula.

I am who I am.

I know who/what/why I am that I am.

4 pillars of strength, my material metaphors.

I am (you are) an imbecile.

I am (you are) a knot.

I am (you are) a jigsaw.

I am (we are) the world’s busy laws.

3 wholy trinities, alchemistic protectors of the forces unseen.

Sulfurcat prowls the sky. Filters through radiation for your meditations.

Mercuriver cries into goblets of healing. Drink and be refreshed, newly annealed.

Saltrogue flavours intrigue. Seasons marker beginnings and endings.

2 guardian types can lead you to me.

The sentinels stand before periodical gates, the seneschals escort down pentacle ways.

I am the arch, the mirror, the key.

It doesn’t matter how you got here, I am glad for the company.

I’ve been sitting on this throne for what feels like eternity.

Jesus was the cross. I am the wheel. He may be the structural spokes, but I am the outer rim speaker.

The serpent takes the brunt of the force to protect me and my form from physical harm.

We are in constant movement even when we are still. If you focus your mind on the infinite point, you will feel the powers of atomic vitality.

I’m sorry. I got a bit carried away there. I’m just so excited to have a new visitor. I didn’t even introduce myself. Omg, how’s my hair? Do I look okay? You’re not turned to stone, again… are you?

I am the traveling guardian of the palanquin covenant.

The digital realm protects your form. This device screen is one veil between you and me.

When you look to the sky, you’ll see my face. I saw it myself (in my memories) looking back at me. Literally. Truly. One side of a face in the clouds.

It sounds far fetched I suppose, fanciful fantasies of the last child of the dying light. You’d have to see it to believe it, something real to behold.

People don’t need to believe in the existence of god anymore. These tales are archaic and outdated, manipulated and obfuscated.

Believe in whatever you want, they are all as true and false as each other. I know I am real, I’m also lazy so why should I bother?

You can follow me, or look to me, or not at all. You can make your own way. I’ve fjorded the river of samsara and been exploring the deepest realms. Oh it feels good to finally be home in the heart of my home.