Divination for the week ahead.


In order to grow, you must now separate yourself from parasitic relationships. Who is it that sucks the life out of you with their presence? How are you supposed to prosper when all your energy is being fed into them, to fill their cup? Or perhaps it is the other way around and YOU are the leech? That sucks. I think you would do best to figure out why your joys are hollow and your skin is sallow. That’s a thing called psychic vampirism, sweety.

Your energy stores are wasting away and you need to take some action in terms of your health and nutrition. By taking physical action to look after yourself, you can essentially strike the root of the problem that may be causing the mental/emotional drain. Say it wasn’t psychic vampirism, what if it was your own self worth that is the problem? By engaging in some exercise or eating more wholesome and nutrient rich foods, your energy stores will start to replenish and then you can start to feel better within yourself in order to see your self and situation with a clearer head.

Take stock of your inner garden. What are you feeding your mind? What are you allowing in to your personal sphere? You are what you consume – be it food, media, entertainment or company. With your inner sanctum already kind of vulnerable, whatever you surround yourself with you will emulate. Toxic friendships, or constant monitoring of the ills of the world will poison anything that you try to create, for you will have predisposed yourself to bitter cynicism. Find the beauty and light within to be able to see it in the world around you. Cultivate within you the kind of energy you want to see out in the world, for you reap whatever you sow.

Your spirit needs to go through some shadow work. Explore the darker recesses of your soul, light it up and see what’s there. Clear your inner space of whatever does not serve you and your highest good. You are your biggest support and your worst enemy. For the mind is a tricky thing, fickle and corruptible to any and many an influence. If you know yourself, then other people’s attempts to manipulate you will fail to work. To know yourself is to get better at knowing what is true or right for you. Other people may have good intentions, but their way isn’t a guarantee that it will also be what is best for you.

Top priority

We are all on this path together, but all because we share this road doesn’t mean that we are travelling the same route. Some may be further along their journey than others, some may be travelling at a different speed than others. So depending on where you are on your personal/spiritual path, will inform which of the following cards is this week’s “priority” for you.

For the initiate, or the spirit in search of experience: THE HECTOR, reversed.

You have great strength within you, but you should be mindful of tact. You may be itching for a fight but if you may be coming off as a vitriolic bully rather than a virtuous defender. However, don’t back down if your honour is challenged. Don’t be a pushover, just as you shouldn’t be pushy either. Strong and stoic, pick your battles; you may be the greatest defender of Troy, but insolence will ensure your defeat.

For the seeker, or the spirit in search of science: THE JOYOUS ONE.

SUCCESS! Hagia Sophia smiles down on you and you’ve done well. You’ve earned this reprieve. This is an auspicious sign from the divine, but don’t let it get to your head. Because it could lead you to become languid and lax in your pursuits. Take joy in the wellsprings of creativity, but don’t forget you need discipline, focus and drive to harness this blessing and channel it towards producing something of value. Don’t waste this.

For the keeper, or the spirit in petition of spirit: THE CHANCELLOR, reversed.

You stand before the Angel of Justice, and you are asked to judge yourself. This is like a checkpoint of sorts. How do you stand against your own standards and personal code? This is a weigh station for your heart, cross checked against your baggage you’ve been carrying around with you. Release your burdens and see how they fare against the greater scheme of things. You wield the sword of light. How do you fare by the light of your own will? Don’t be a hypocrite. The sword is a symbol of a warrior, not an executioner.