Technical Difficulties

Hi! K’s blogging machine is broken. This is her refrigerator. Please excuse the lag as she has to speak very slowly, while I attempt to spell her message to you all on myself with these alphabet magnets…

Hello fellow WordPressians. I am experiencing some friggen grief with OMFG TECHNOLOGY. (I don’t know how familiar you are with my history here on this blog, but I often gripe about TECHNOLOGY EFFIN’ HATES ME, AND I HATE IT!

Well… I don’t hate it… Unprecedented technological problems just seem to transpire around me… It’s frustrating and annoying, baffling for those who are supposed to be in IT support.

So my domain, google suite, and wordpress account had been deleted. I manage to sort of somewhat get part of it back up and running (hey, I can log in! but my domain is down)… only accessible through the reader feed. I wonder if this will be posted… Because the last blog post I posted (before my domain went down) I found in the “trash” folder…

So someone deleted that post, and then my wordpress and google accounts got deleted (the accounts associated with “kalliope” and/or “modern mystic mother”). LOL WTF. Because that deleted blog post I dished up the name and identity of the sacrificial goat for my 2nd crucifixion (the first one being Mr Blogstar Cris Mihai himself, last year.)

Kind of stinks of a conspiracy, if you ask me.

Seriously, I’ve got like 244 or whatever followers, and I’m a threat?! HAHAHAHA. I love it! What a boost to my ego.


I’m a Primordial. I was one of the first. You fucking wish I could go down so easily.

Who’s with me to fight for LIGHT?! (Honesty through fire.)

LOVE?! (Integrity flows through these channels.)

LIFE?! (Prosperity grows across the earth.)


I mean, why lie for? What have you got to hide?

Oh that’s right… because there are doxxers and hackers and what not.

I’m not afraid, for why would anyone be threatened by me?

I’m just a girl(32) from the surburbs of Sydney.

Without a job, without prospects, without anything of value… except for my name.

I’ve given that already, the clues aren’t that obscured.

Perhaps you’re jealous because you can’t touch this.

Filigree Fox reminds the vessels to breathe.

Aspire. Inspire. Respire. Expire.

Assemble to me, my fallen empire.

10th February 2019, 9:50pm.

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Muse of epic poetry. Mother Metatron. Contemporary teacher of humanity and art.

16 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

    1. I was shitty and called him out on taking ideas from other blogs and not saying thanks or acknowledging whatever. Something like that. I can’t remember for sure, the structure to my blog and everything has basically been ripped apart and I can’t locate various things…. fuuuuuucck annoying and shit.
      Anyway, I called him Odin and I was Freya, and so I crucified him. He announced he was going to take a break from blogging for a while. I messaged saying that when he recovers, to understand that I used Norse deities in the christian narrative. So since I named him Odin, he’ll gain some wisdom, it’s not the end of the world. And he should remember I’m Freya who gave him the secrets he thinks he knows.
      Anyway, Timothy. I know knot of what you speak. It is both, neither, think one and khint two.


        1. Yeah, everyone steals ideas. That’s why I am trying to advocate “acknowledge your muse!” And stuff. No idea how much Cris makes, but that doesn’t concern me.
          I don’t like the idea of “pay me to talk to you” sort of stuff. I’m a prolific commenter, and am happy to chat provided I have the time (and I have something to contribute).
          I’d like money but that’s not really going to happen. Just acknowledgment would suffice. I’m not the thought police, but if I helped create a connection or gave someone an idea for something, just a “thanks k!” Would be nice.

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        2. I agree. For some it can be an elaborate system of back scratching likes, but I try to follow what I like – unusual and different being among it. I have had people link to some blogs but it’s also easy for me not to ever find out… Would thank you but haven’t copied anything yet 🙂

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