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28 August 2001 @ 09:00

>> happy OperaEd day!  

do you know how it feels
to be stabbed in the back then watch the blood spill?

this whole happy something day is getting old…
well i’m going to opera ed today and that means that i dont have to be at school until 10:15am, and when i get to scool, they’re taking me straight to the city to do some opera education stuff.
i don’t get back home until 11:30pm…. so yeah. what a big day.
anyways…. oh shit. i lost my password for my guestbook! now i can’t read my private message… grrr… oh well… i’ll retreive it later.

hmmm… i had some queer dream about being in the woods, then coming home to find james (who did NOT look like himself at all) here wanting to tell me something.
it was just queer… well here’s my dream in detail (well, some sort of detail):

i was on a train with alison and a few other people and we were getting on at some station that i’d never heard of. we got off there and started carrying all our bags full of supplies into a swamplike area. all these people decided they wanted to explore further down but i didn’t want to. i wanted to go home because it smelled really bad at that swamp. so i took my torch and had to try to find my own way back with a very DIM torch. walking over really unstable bridges i finally found my way back at the train station. alison had apparently followed me because she didn’t want to stay either. so we got on the train and waited for it to take us back to mt druitt. on the train we started talking to this woman who claimed to be roanne’s therapist (roanne apparently had a therapist in my dream…). she told us to say hello to roanne next time we saw her.
so we got off the train and went back to my house. turns out there was james and a few other people who i don’t know in real life. james had HUGE blue ear lobes with lots of piercings, an eyebrow ring, a tongue piercing, and a tattoo on his arm (well, thats all i could see anyways…). in my dream, this was supposed to be normal for james, but in real life, thats sooooo not true!! so yeah. he said he wanted to tell me something but everytime he was going to tell me, something always distracted one of us. like my mobile would ring, or his friends would chuck a football at him (the other guys were playing football in my backyard), or such things. finally he said that he’d write it out for me on my computer. so we went inside and he turned on my computer and was about to start typing out what he wanted to say, but then my mum had to wake me up…

GRRR!!! i hate it when that happens!

this is so queer! everytime i dream about james having something important to tell me, i always get woken up so i never find out!!! this is really shitting me!!!


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